My research agenda revolves around these core areas:

  • intercultural and international communication
  • migration
  • collaboration
  • social justice

Intercultural and International Communication

Coming from a multilingual background, I strive to study rhetoric and communication in intercultural and international contexts. I am particularly interested in studying international communication in writing classrooms. I have been a participant of the Trans-Atlantic & Pacific Project (TAPP) since 2017. TAPP, which started with Bruce Maylath’s and Sonia Vandepitte’s international collaboration, is a network of educators which includes 41 universities in 19 countries. The TAPP collaboration is an excellent opportunity for writing studies students to practice intercultural collaboration.


As an immigrant (international student in the US), I am particularly interested in understanding migration discourses. Given the growing number of people migrating worldwide and in the United States, it is imperative to turn our writing studies research lens to migrants and their needs. While having made some foray into migration studies, writing studies is still somewhat lagging behind on studies focused explicitly on migrants despite being strategically positioned to study communication contexts in migration. I primarily study immigration rhetoric and its impact on migrants’ lives. I strive to understand how organizations, including those in key positions of power, portray and communicate with migrants. Similarly, I seek to understand how migrants communicate with organizations before, during and after their migrations.


Collaboration has contributed to my own growth as a researcher and teacher. My participation in the Trans-Atlantic Pacific Project (TAPP), and the Building Digital Literacy (BDL) group has provided me with unique opportunities to collaborate with researchers across universities and countries on multiple projects. These collaborative endeavors have not only informed my research work but also my teaching. In classroom research, my interest in collaboration is often tied with intercultural and international communication.

Social Justice

My work in social justice is directly linked with my work in migration. Social justice emphasizes human rights and placing marginalized communities in a central position in research and design. I draw from the literature on social justice in writing studies to inform my research of communication surrounding migrants. In particular, I aim at using a social justice lens for quantitative studies involving migration.


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In Progress:

Tham, J., Duin, A.H., Veeramoothoo, S., & Fuglsby, B. Connectivism for writing pedagogy: Strategic networked approaches to promote international collaborations and intercultural learning. Computers and Composition. Status: Under Review after a Revise and Resubmit.

Davis, K., Hocutt, D., Stambler, D., Veeramoothoo, S., Tham, J., Duin, A., Ranade, N., Misak, J., & Pedersen, I. Fostering student digital literacy through the Fabric of Digital Life. Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. Status: Under Revision After a Revise and Resubmit.

Veeramoothoo, S., & Fuglsby, B. Identifying skills students display during international collaborations: A case study of Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Project. Technical Communication Quarterly. Status: Under Review.

Fuglsby, B., & Veeramoothoo, S. The role of emotional intelligence in intercultural communication: A Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Project case study. Technical Communication Quarterly. Status: Under Review.

An annotated bibliography of non-western and global rhetorics. PresentTense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society (Eds. Khoury, Melfi, Graban). Authored 10 entries on Egyptian, Indian, Irish, Chinese rhetorics as part of a team. Status: Under Review.

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